Mexico City

Trepidatory - The inspiration for  the piece arises through the questioning of duality between a plant (living being) and a planter (object) Which is, what is a planter without a plant? What is its purpose? And how to achieve the decontextualization of a living being for  the adaptation to a space which needs are merely based on human contemplation requirements?

It was as a result of this notion that the concept of engineering an object that develops from the nucleus towards the extremes followed the idea of ??vanishing any kind of human intervention, to have as a result, the appropriation of the plant to space. Thus generating a path from which the plant appropriates and changes itself.

It´s name (trepidatory) is a reference to the earth movement on a vertical way, alluding the growing of the plant from it´s center to it´s borders.

Fotos: Dane Alonso

Bienal de Venecia 23